Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lancelot Course

The second year of the ICC certified LANCELOT course will start in January 2009 and we warmly invite you to consider getting certified. Four months, a total of 120 hours, of which we spend together 26h in groups sessions, 26 hours in peer-to-peer work, 72 hours creating teaching and learning material, slides, podcasts, surveys and reflective writing for the portfolio, then the 20min live online assessment, a lesson plan and in the end a certificate as a LANCELOT trainer.

The question is, what do I learn in 4 months? Why so long? How do I fit this into my busy daily schedule? How much do I need to learn each week? What prerequisites are there for the course? How much does it cost?

...and then....

Can I really work as a live online language trainer after wards? What does this certificate stand for? What can I do with it? Is there a demand on the market for live online language learning? Will I see a 'return on my investment'?

... we also ask these questions ...

What is so special about teaching live online? Can not everybody with a Skype account teach? Where is the future of live online language learning? Does this complement or replace 'classical' e-learning?

We would really like to answer these questions for you. We have regularly scheduled Virtual Round Tables. Would you be interested in attending? If so, register and we will contact you with further information.

To reserve a virtual seat for a Virtual Round Table and have these questions answered, please register on our registration page.