Monday, November 9, 2009

Are you coming! The program is out...

About the Virtual Round Table
The Virtual Round Table conference is a 2-day live online conference which takes place on Thu/ Fri 12-13 November 2009. It is all about "language learning with technology" and is a completely 'green' conference since no-one has to travel to attend.

We are looking forward to more than 20 sessions, 5 panel discussions, more than 35 guest speakers and especially look forward to meeting delegates from more than 50 countries who have already signed up on the Virtual Round Table Conference site.

The sessions take place in two different virtual classrooms (Adobe and Elluminate) and in Second Life and we are also looking forward to lively virtual round table panel discusssions, workshops, product presentations, tours in Second Life, language classes live online and much more.

As a highlight, there are a total of 5 panel discussion.

Opening Panel Thu 12 November 2009, 1pm GMT
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it.“-Theodore Hook
with panelists who have been instrumental in inventing the very future of language learning with technology. Dr. Gary Motteram of the University of Manchester, Shiv Rajetan of LanguageLab and Stefan Booy of Myngle. Moderation: Valentina Dodge

Panel Thu 12 November 2009, 7pm GMT
"Technology will not replace teachers but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who do not“-Ray Clifford with panelists who are seasoned teacher trainers of ICT and language learning: Pete Sharma of Te4Be, Shaun Wilden of International House, Gavin Dudeney of The Consultants-E and Heike Philp of LANCELOT School GmbH. Moderation: Marina Petrovic.

Panel Fri 13 November 2009, 7am GMT
"„Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner“-Chinese Proverb with Twitterers Graham Stanley of British Council, Karenne Sylvester of Kalinago English, Shelly Terrell, Burcu Akyol and Peter Travis of Floe-Jo. Moderation: Holly Longstroth

Panel Fri 13 November 2009, 1pm GMT
"Imagination is more important than knowledge“-Albert Einstein with panelists who have successful used their imagination to build an online teaching business: Monica Thomas of Ad_Lib, Lukas Palecek of WebSchool and Stephen Jones of Jones-English.

Closing Panel Fri 13 November 2009, 7pm GMT
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“-George Santayana with panelists who have a combined total of more than a century of language learning with technology experience: Graham Davies of Camsoftpartners, Vance Stevens, Duane Sider of Rosetta Stone and Ton Koenraad of the University of Utrecht.

How to participate
The sessions take place in virtual classrooms (Adobe Connect Pro or Elluminate) and Second Life. The Second Life events will also be screenshared in a virtual classroom. For more information on how to attend, please sign up on the Virtual Round Table Conference site

For a complete program see the following link. . All times mentioned are in GMT

If you wish to be a sponsor for this conference please send an email to heike.philp [at]
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