Thursday, May 1, 2008

The adventure begins where the road ends...

I remember a theme that they had one summer volunteering at my local church camp : The adventure begins where the road ends...

That about sums up this adventure!

This adventure actually began about two years ago when I decided to start my own company. Little did I know what I was going to get into and what a wonderful ride I have been on since I started. The first thing I did was to create a website, which took longer than I wanted, but I was on a learning curve anyway. Then I learned about Moodle and all that one can do with an open source e-learning site, so I set it up. I spent hours and hours writing material and I'm still not done. I'm still coming up with concepts and ideas to make the Moodle site better than it is now.

The second part of my adventure was to sign up for a course to become a certified live online language trainer with Lancelot school. I was pleasantly surprised with the course. I knew that I would learn about language teaching and about the technology associated with language teaching, but what I didn't expect was the relationships that were formed with my classmates. These are people who are doing the same thing that I am doing and we have bonded in a great way although we have never met in real life. Many of us are hoping to continue working together as we become live online language teachers and pave the way for others as we forge our way onto a relatively new road.

I'm still on this adventure and what a ride it is!
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