Saturday, January 31, 2009

Live Online Language Portals

I've come across a lot of live online language portals! (This does not include the hundreds of private language teachers who have set up their own websites.) Several people have asked me which one I would suggest and frankly I'm not sure as it varies for each individual teacher. I have tried out a few of them and have had success and many of my colleagues have also and some have not... Anyone have experience with these portals? Which ones would you suggest?


Buddy School



English Everywhere

English Bee (formerly Culture Link Online)

Find A Tutor

Find My Favorite Teacher

Find Your Teachers







Spoken Skills

Teacher James


Verbal Planet

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Bob33it said...

I would recommended I'm learning Italian on this website and it's just working fine!

Kirsten said...

Hi Holly,
nice list. Some are new to me, so thank you. Will visit them all. But you left out one of the big boys: ;).

HipsNet said...

I've just tried iTalki. Great!
It's more about the quality on the teacher than the features of the site.
On iTalki (and maybe others), you have the possibility to learn with professional language teacher. This is what I did, and after a one hour course, I'm considering continuing with this teacher (and on the iTalki).
It depends on what one needs: basis on a language ? beeing fluent ? etc.
I want (and need) to be fluent in english, so I'm ready to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for compiling this useful list! I'd like to add a new player on the block:

ilumii is a new entrant into the online tutoring arena but it has a really complete system. The best features about the site is that you can teach MULTIPLE students at once, so for teachers, it gives the option to double or triple their income per lesson.

I think its worth a peek. They currently have a "free trial" version for teachers, and its completely free for students.

Wil @ Wil's World of Words said...

Hi there,

Here's another one for this list:

learn2lingo -

It's a platform for students and teachers to meet and they have some interesting options for schools, too.

The classroom is flash-based, so you don't need any extra software, and the payment system seems to be very simple and well-integrated.

Hope this helps,


Richard Austin said...

There many good places online which can help your to learn any topic on earth. The list your have provided is for language and even there are sites where your can learn driving online and also get driving license with the help of these course. Thank to all the online service providers who are doing the great work.

online tutoring said...

Tutoring Services helps you find tutors & teachers in your area for your homework and students for the subjects you teach.

Luc said...


I do not want to bother you with advertising messages, but I think you might be interested in a site that some friends will launch:

It will allow people who want to practice conversation to improve a language to contact tutors around the world to practice conversation via Skype, Google Talk or by telephone.

You can register as a tutor, to make money talking in your language, or as a student to improve speaking any language with native speakers, or both at once.

They are in pre-registration stage and plan to give advantages to those who sign up before launch.

Alen Jones said...

One more online language course institute I would like to add in the list is . Their online tool whiteboard is amazing for interacting with students.

Alen Jones said...

One more online language course institute I would like to add in the list is . Their online tool whiteboard is amazing for interacting with students.

Anastasia Koltai said...

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