Monday, February 11, 2013

A vocabulary activity for the virtual classroom!

When I was in the LANCELOT course back in 2008, I did a peer to peer activity with a colleague and through that activity where we tested white boards in various classrooms, I came up with another hall of fame activity for whiteboarding.  I have tested it numerous times with intermediate level and above and it works beautifully.  Basically, the topic is on 'personality'.  What you do is separate the whiteboard into two sections (or if you are using adobe connect, put up two whiteboards) and have the students brainstorm as many words that they can think of that has to do with someone's personality.  Once the list is exhausted, have each student write their name on the second half of the whiteboard vertically.  Then have each student choose a word from the list that describes their personality.  Once they have written the words, then have each person explain why they chose that particular word.  Normally the lesson lasts for about 45 minutes, which is ideal for a virtual classroom.  If your class is longer than an hour, I would take some discussion questions from the website 'Conversation questions for the ESL/EFL classroom' which can work nicely into a fluency exercise.  The following pictures are of lessons from Edufire's Adobe Connect and also from a virtual classroom called Instant Presenter.

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