Monday, August 18, 2014

Business Writing Activities

Have you ever received emails from students and realized that although they speak well in class, their writing is well below their ability to communicate?  How about students who just refuse to write because they have a lack of confidence?  Or the students who know they need help with their writing, especially in the area of business communication.  This Writing Activities PPT can help you give the students tools to practice.  You can use this PPT for a portion of several classes or spend the entire time on each page in the PPT.  Each page has a different scenario for the students to practice writing.  Here are some ideas as to how you can use this material:  You, as the teacher, could have them write for each scenario as homework and then you could copy/paste it into the PPT to give the student(s) feedback.  You could have the student write during class into the whiteboard in the virtual classroom.  If you are teaching a group of students, you can put the class into pair or small groups and give each group a scenario to write and copy/paste it on the whiteboard to receive immediate feedback.  There is a section on the PPT to put the student's creation into the PPT either during class or before class, depending on how you use the material.  I have successfully used this material in face-to-face and virtual classes and I know it will work for you as well.
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