Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Discussion Activity: I took a trip and...

This is a discussion activity that I wrote about seven or eight years ago.  The basic premise of this activity is to get the students to talk about the pictures and possibly to start talking about the issues or personal experiences that the students may think of as a result of these pictures.  Except for the cover page, this activity does not have any English so it could be used for any languages being taught.  There are several ways one can teach this lesson.  First, the teacher can have the students guess where each picture was taken and then discuss the picture.  Second, the teacher can have the students describe what they see in the pictures.  Third, the teacher can have the students ask and answer questions related to the pictures.  Beginning level students can describe colors, shapes, etc. whereas advanced level students can discuss deeper issues and talk about memories and experiences they remember based on these pictures.
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