Thursday, September 18, 2014

ESL/EFL Lesson: Basketball

This ESL/EFL lesson on basketball allows the student to practice speaking and listening, learn new vocabulary and go though a reading exercise.  First, the teacher will have a warm up discussion to ascertain how much students like basketball and how interested they are in the sport.  Then the students will do a matching exercise with vocabulary words they will find in the reading.  The reading will be about a young student who forsakes his homework to go to a Harlem Globetrotters game only to find out that there is a pop quiz when he comes into class the next day.  After the reading, there is short excercise on basketball idioms and basketball vocabulary.  Then there is a fluency excercise for students to ask and answer questions about the topic.  Finally, if there is time, the students will do a web search and look for answers to the trivia questions on the final slide.  This lesson has been successfully taught in a virtual classroom and would work well in a traditional classroom as well.  The following video is an example on how this lesson has been used in a virtual classroom situation:

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