Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Advantages of Live Online!

After 11 years in Finland, I have decided to return to the USA! This actually came as a shock to many people and several have asked if I have a job there or what will I do when I get there. This has kind of surprised me as I have been teaching live online and working with LANCELOT School for quite some time... Anyway, the advantages of teaching live online is that I will be taking my students with me! Right now, I have some students in Germany at 8:30 PM Finnish time on Wednesday and Thursdays. I will continue teaching them, but will now be teaching them at 11:30 AM mountain standard time. I'm quite excited about this move and especially to see just what will happen in the future regarding this live online teaching-->is it going to take off or is it going to fizzle? My plan is for it to become popular, but only time will tell. So, anyway, I am moving back to the states, but my professional teaching life is going to continue growing live online--the advantages of teaching live online: I can be anywhere in the world with internet connection!
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