Friday, June 26, 2009

Who would you like to have a learning conversation with?

Today, LANCELOT School had another really good Virtual Round Table on Demand. The idea for these virtual round tables is to invite famous authors, teachers or professors into a virtual classroom and to have a learning conversation with him/her. We started with Noam Chomsky back in February and then Scott Thornbury later in the spring. When I was asked who my favorite textbook author was it was a no-brainer: Vicki Hollett. We found her quite easily thanks to web 2.0 and Linked-in. I had the privilege of inviting people to this event and also talking to Vicki before the event--it was a great honor. I've now become a fan of her blog, which is something I totally identify with--she is British and living in the states and comparing the language. Her blog is called Learning to speak 'merican and I think it is one of my favorite blogs so far. Anyway, today we had a Virtual Round Table for teachers who teach Aviation English. I've been involved in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) for quite a while and this is one area I have never taught. I went because I was helping with the audio and found it fascinating anyway. Personally, I'm looking forward to more Virtual Round Table on Demands. I've put in another request for an author. How about you? Who would you like to have a learning conversation with? There is a forum discussion on the ning site that you can put in your request.
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