Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm back online!

So, it has been a year since I posted anything on this blog or online journal talking about live online language training.  I got sidetracked about a year ago and left the online world to experience the life of a corporate trainer.  For the first time in 20 some years, I had to actually work for 8-10 hours with little flexibility.  About two weeks ago, after I had been with the company for a little over year, I started to rethink what I really wanted and realized that I wanted to return to live online language training.  Here are some reasons why I love this type of training and why I returned:

  1. I can train from anywhere.  If I choose to take a trip, I just have to make sure that I have internet and the time to do my work.  I just love the flexibility.
  2. Live online language training is still new to many people and I have so many ideas that I want to get started.  I've dreamt up a curriculum project which I will introduce on a later journal entry.  This is bringing out the creative side in me.
  3. The market is now ready for live online language training.  When I first started this journey or adventure there was a lot of resistance among language teachers and students.  Now, people have a greater understanding of this type of training.
  4. I love meeting people from around the world and encouraging them in English.  I also want to be close to my family, so live online language training allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  5. There are so many websites that can be used in training and it is so fun to google tidbits with my students.
  6. I love introducing language teachers to this type of training and watching them grow and learn how to be an effective live online trainer.
  7. Bottom line is that I just love working online and the world that is there!  So I'm back and am hoping to blog everyday!  The first thing I'm going to look at is how the industry has changed in the past eight years since I first thought of the possibilities that a web camera can do in live online language training.
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