Friday, August 8, 2014

How can I find a job teaching English online?

You have been teaching abroad for many years and you realize that you can supplement your income by teaching online. You have just returned to your home country and there are no ESL jobs available in the area so you decide to turn to the internet.  You have always wanted the flexibility to work from home and you have heard that English teaching online is a good way to do that.  Whatever your scenario, your question is-- Where do you go to find that job?  Facebook and LinkedIn are both good places to start, but I have found some other sites that cater to the online teacher and/or freelancer. The following are some places online where I tend to go to when looking for a position:

1.  Dave's ESL Cafe  This is one of the most popular sites on the internet for people who are searching for their next job or looking for information.  Not only does the site have job links, it also has a very active forum where teachers can get their questions asked.  When I am teaching abroad and/or online, this is one site I always go to.  I even go there when I'm not looking for employment just to see what is out there.

2.  This site has been around for almost as long as Dave's and is also very popular among job seekers.  You can upload your profile and put your CV out there for employers to look at.  Periodically, online jobs are advertised.  Again, this is a great resource for job hunters for face-to-face and online EFL/ESL teaching jobs.

3.  This is the site where I usually advertise for positions for my company as they have an 'online' section.  This site probably has the most comprehensive links for online teaching jobs.

4.  ESL Teachers Board  I go to this site when I'm looking for contacts, either teachers, students or schools.  They have a comprehensive list of schools and students/teachers advertise on this site for services.  If you are wanting to invest in a language school or find a partner/agent, this is also a good site to look at.

The following are sites for freelancers, but I am finding a lot of online English teaching companies are starting to advertise for teachers on these sites:

5.  Elance  As I just said, this site is for freelancers in many different fields.  I had to set up a profile and then I had to write short proposals to be considered for the many different jobs that are out there.  I usually use the search function and type in esl, efl, tesol and I get several jobs to apply for.

6.  Odesk  This site is similar to Elance in many ways.  I have been interviewed by several companies on both sites looking for ESL instructors.  My first impression was that Odesk had lower rates than ELance, but no longer think that, at least for online teachers.

There are several other sites out there for live online language teachers to find steady employment.  Do you have any suggestions?
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