Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wages for a live online language trainer?

With so much competition in this field and people competing from countries with a lower standard of living, I have struggled for years as to what a fair wage would be for live online language trainers.  I have my opinion and I have talked to trainers and a couple of language schools.  The language schools are all looking for native speakers with a TESOL certificate, a college degree and at least three years experience and they want to pay very little.  Quite frankly, less than some countries want to pay people who work their first jobs at places like McDonalds.  The trainers, however, have taken the time to get qualified and certified, are professional and they want to get paid a fair wage where they can live and have work-life balance.  What is fair?  As a recruiter and a language trainer, I struggle with this a lot.  What is the correct answer?  As I start to talk to language schools and work on growing my company, I plan on really understanding this.  Why are the expectations of many language schools so different than the trainers?  A question I will eventually be able to answer.   Check back for more on this issue and maybe I'll have an answer.
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