Thursday, August 14, 2014

Live Online ESL/EFL materials

One of the needs expressed by many freelance teachers is the need for good, quality material for the virtual classroom.  It is really easy to find great material out there on the internet, but very few have been converted to PPT and gives the trainer the ability to use it in the virtual classroom without doing a great deal of adapting.  Or the trainers just use the material that is not ideal for the virtual classroom although it does work okay.  I have decided to see if I can contribute to this need and have changed my Teachers Pay Teachers account to a different name and will try to write new discussion material everyday which I hope freelance teachers are able to find.  Here is the link to the store where freelance teachers can purchase the PPTs for a very low price.  For now, I will be using the Teachers pay Teachers site to sell this material and eventually, I plan on setting up a website so that freelance teachers could have a subscription model.

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