Sunday, September 7, 2014

Discussion Activity; Accidents at Home

This Discussion activity aims to increase the students' fluency by talking about a fairly familiar subject and at the same time activating their passive vocabulary.  There are four slides to this activity.  The first slide is general and the slides start to narrow down until the students get to discussion questions.  The first slide allows the students to describe pictures of accidents in general, for example, a person slipping on a banana.  The second slide are pictures of items found around the house and the students have four questions they would answer, which includes:

  1. Where are these found in a house?
  2. Why could they be dangerous?
  3. To Whom could they be dangerous?
  4. What could someone do to lesson the danger they present?
The next page gets even more specific.  The basic premise is that is asks questions starting with 'What do you need if...?  For example, "What do you need if you cut your finger preparing food?"  The final slide is a list of discussion questions based on the topic.  This discussion activity can be used in a virtual classroom or a traditional classroom.

Here is an example of this lesson being taught in a virtual classroom:

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