Friday, September 5, 2014

Vocabulary & Fluency Activity: Sickness & Health

This PPT is a vocabulary and fluency activity that would work well to supplement material dealing with sickness and health.  The first page is a matching activity where the students draw a line from one word to another to make a word partnership such as 'broken ankle' or 'stuffy nose'.  After the word partnerships are matched, the teacher can then ask the students to use these partnerships in a sentence or in a question and see if the students can have a conversation using these word partnerships. The final page is a list of questions dealing with sickness and health.  The students can choose the questions they like and then ask the other students or they can go through the list systematically.  The goals are for the student to activate their passive vocabulary while practicing speaking on a general topic that is actually needed.  The following is an example of this lesson being taught in a virtual classroom:

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