Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Discussion Activity: Things that Annoy You!

The discussion activity Things that annoy you! aims to help the students increase their fluency as well as possibly activating passive vocabulary.  The first page is a page for brainstorming.  The teacher can ask the students to write  out on the whiteboard the many things that annoy them.  Then the teacher can ask the students to give examples and explain to the group why it is annoying.  The students can ask and answer questions.  Then the final slide is a list of questions.  The teacher can have the students choose two questions they can ask and answer.  In addition, the class can answer the questions systematically and follow the list.  Again, the purpose of this is to allow the students to practice speaking and develop their fluency on a topic that is easy to discuss.  This activity can be used successfully in a virtual classroom and a traditional classroom.
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