Monday, September 1, 2014

Fluency Activity: Wishes & Dreams

This is a fluency activity that allows the students to talk about topics that are near and dear to their hearts.  On the first page, the students brainstorm wishes that people in general have.  For example, people wish to get married, to have a home, to have a family, to have a good job and so the students brainstorm all the wishes that people have in general.  The next page is a list of questions on this topic.  The first page is mainly a warm up for the questions.  There are many ways a teacher can use these questions.  First, the teacher can systematically go through questions.  Second, the teacher can ask the students to choose two questions they are interested in and to ask their colleagues.  Finally, one student can choose a question and ask the class and facilitate the discussion and see how long they can talk about that question.  This activity can be used successfully in a virtual classroom as well as a traditional classroom.

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